The hardware setup of the web server where you host your websites is rather important and can affect their performance. Since an Internet site includes also databases, logs, a Control Panel to maintain the content, an e-mail service, etc, you need suitable hardware that can support all of these processes. A machine with a high CPU speed suggests that your web apps will be executed more speedily, while additional physical memory will permit more system processes to run concurrently, so the hardware will have direct impact on how your Internet sites perform and in case the server isn't powerful enough, they will work slowly or will not function at all. In this light, you should check not only what attributes a particular Internet hosting plan includes, but also whether the hardware will be suitable to support such capabilities.
24-core servers, hardware in Cloud Hosting
The servers that we use for our cloud hosting plans are powerful enough to provide the best possible performance of your Internet sites and in case you are moving from another company, you will quickly feel the difference. Not only is our system comprised of clusters of servers that manage each part of the web hosting service (files, emails, databases, logs, etc.), but each cluster consists of powerful machines, each one with 24-core processors, 64 GB RAM and SSD drives. The hardware stands behind our service and performance warranties and no matter what applications you need to run, you won't see any decrease in their performance. The hosting service utilizes the power of all the machines and since we can add servers to every cluster, we practically have an Internet hosting powerhouse with limitless resources. Since your sites will be hosted on this platform, the hardware will never be a restriction for their growth.
24-core servers, hardware in Semi-dedicated Hosting
Unlike many web hosting suppliers that run everything on just a single server, we use a modern cloud hosting platform, so in case you get a semi-dedicated hosting account from our firm, it will be generated on that platform. The latter consists of numerous clusters which control the various elements of the hosting service like file storage, log generation, databases, etcetera. Every single cluster includes exceptionally powerful servers with 24-core processors plus 64 GB physical memory which enable outstanding loading speeds for all of the websites hosted on our end. The performance of your web apps will be boosted even more by the solid-state drives which we take advantage of. The cluster system allows us to supply various unlimited features with the semi-dedicated solutions and in case you get an account, you will really be able to use them because we can expand any of the clusters by attaching more servers with the exact same hardware configuration.
24-core servers, hardware in VPS Hosting
The virtual private servers that we provide are made on powerful physical servers, so you will be able to fully utilize the system resources which come with your plan. Every machine includes a total of 24 CPU cores and 64 GB physical memory, which shall guarantee the fast and stable functioning of each app you run on the VPS. In case you choose to upgrade, you won't encounter a situation where the available resources are not sufficient as when we create a new virtual server, we always make sure that there will be room for every single user on it to upgrade without having to affect the rest of the users and / or the overall server performance. We also employ solid-state drives which will accelerate your sites even more, so in case you are moving from some other service provider, you will notice the difference in the service.
24-core servers, hardware in Dedicated Web Hosting
The dedicated servers that we offer will give you the all the power that you may need for your sites because we provide machines with up to 16 GB RAM and as many as 12 CPU cores. This tremendous power will be at your disposal all of the time and won't be shared with anybody else. In case you do not need such an amount of resources, we have less powerful servers as well, but the quality of the machine shall not change. All parts which we make use of are tested to make sure that there will not be hardware problems, but even in case something happens, the technical support crew in our US datacenter is available 24/7 to replace any component within a matter of minutes. All dedicated servers are provided with multiple hard disk drives as well as gigabit network cards, so in case you get a machine from us, you will be able to host resource-demanding Internet sites without ever worrying about their performance.